engage with Peterborough’s multifaceted, creative culture by presenting arts events for free

Mission Statement

First Friday Peterborough (FFPTBO) is a monthly, coordinated art crawl event showcasing local artists at downtown galleries, studios, shops, and cafés. It welcomes and encourages members of the public to engage with Peterborough’s multifaceted, creative culture by presenting arts events for free. It is a community-centered, joyful, inclusive, and sometimes spontaneous and messy happening. It is also largely volunteer-run and welcoming to all citizens and creatives.


Core Values

Our core values reflect those of our participating community of artists, gallerists, and visitors.

They are therefore always in development and are, thus far, as follows: 

Promoting inclusivity, equity and diversity. 

We look to our community to share in the responsibility to uphold these values. Our hope is that our monthly crawl creates a shared, safe space where the public treat one another with respect and dignity. 

Drawing attention to local artists’ work. 

FFPTBO uses its online platform to assist in promoting participating artists’ events.

Being inclusive of artistic practices of the broadest variety. 

FFPTBO welcomes participation of artists working in all mediums and at all levels of skill and accomplishment.

Championing the artists in our community, and creating paid opportunities for artists and arts organizers. 

The modest budget we attract is devoted to artist contracts, marketing for arts initiatives,  and the hiring of a part-time FFPTBO administrator. 

Encouraging arts engagement opportunities that are accessible to individuals facing a variety of barriers. 

Addressing accessibility can be challenging when the affordability of artists’ studios means venues are often located up long staircases in buildings without elevators. We invite artists and presenters to seek out accommodations and/or optional visitor experiences. 

Fostering relationships with partners and sponsors that support the aforementioned goals. 

FFPTBO receives financial and/or in-kind support from the Downtown Business Improvement Area, and local landlords and businesses to help events run smoothly. FFPTBO welcomes future and ongoing sources of support of this nature. 

Topics of Concern

Cultural Appropriation

As an organization, FFPTBO agrees that cultural appropriation “happens when a cultural element is taken from its cultural context and used in another”, (view source). Further FFPTBO aligns with Canada Council for the Arts’ stance which states that cultural appropriation occurs when “cultural borrowings or adaptations from a minoritized culture reflect, reinforce or amplify inequalities, stereotypes and historically exploitative relationships that have direct negative consequences on equity-seeking communities in Canada.” 

We recognize cultural appropriation is a possibility in the art world and while we do not condone it, we rely on artists and venues to make their own informed decisions about the artistic content they choose to present, and to respond to criticism and critique in direct and respectful dialogue with those taking issue. 

FFPTBO welcomes community input into ongoing conversations surrounding us about artistic integrity, and the issues of power and privilege that affect our culturally vibrant, creative community. 


FFPTBO feels that public safety is a shared, community responsibility. If you have immediate safety concerns and/or have felt unsafe at an event please speak to volunteers, venues, or artists. Further, please feel free to report incidents to the FFPTBO Committee by email at firstfriday@gmail.com, or reach out to the appropriate authorities or supporting organizations directly. We feel it’s important to report your concerns.



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